South Negros BioPower


Power ImgSouth Negros BioPower was conceptualized to be a highly efficient thermal power plant capable of the combustion of a range of locally available biomass. It generates power by a steam turbine driven generator, utilizing tried and proven technologies whilst ensuring environmental compliance. The concept was to source a Plant of between 20 to 25 MW in order to provide benefits to economies of scale whilst being conservative on the volumes of fuel that could be reliably collected from the area. The concepts were limited to technologies and practices that had been previously used at commercial scale and demonstrated to be reliable and economic, at the same time meeting international and local technical, safety and environmental standards.

As selected, the power plant will consist of a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) high-pressure high‐temperature boiler, steam turbine and generator with ancillary equipment. The CFB technology was selected primarily due to its flexibility in utilizing various types of biomass fuels and better handling of varying degrees of moisture. The boiler will consist of the boiler vessel itself, a forced air‐fan draft system, an induced draft fan, air pre‐heater, steam and air and flue gas ducts. The operating conditions of the boiler are 110 tons of steam per hour at 88 bar (abs) and 540oC. The boiler will supply the steam requirements for the 25 MW condensing‐steam turbine‐generator. Biomass, including but not limited to, agricultural residue such as sugarcane trash and coconut husks/shells, as well as wood and grasses, will be the main fuel. Guaranteed performance parameters have been established in the EPC contract based on the typical fuel mix forecast.