South Negros BioPower

About Us

About Us ImgBronzeoak Philippines (BP) is a company specializing in renewable energy project development, finance, and management. The company was established in 2003 by Zabaleta & Company and Bronzeoak Ltd. of the UK. It is currently considered the market leader in the development and management of agro-energy based projects in the Philippines.

BP has had vast experience in bringing together specialized companies and personnel from different fields and disciplines to nurture the completion of a successful clean energy project. BP developed San Carlos Bioenergy (SCBI), Southeast Asia’s first sugar cane to ethanol and cogeneration plant. The plant, representing a financial commitment of 3 billion pesos, produces nearly 40 million liters of ethanol annually and approximately 8 megawatts of biomass-based electricity. BP has also begun the construction of the first biomass power plant (San Carlos BioPower) in the Philippines, producing 125 million kwh of power per annum, and is in the process of developing two more such facilities (South Negros BioPower & North Negros BioPower). BP led the way in attracting domestic and international RE investments, thus creating jobs for thousands of Filipinos. It has also developed a port (NPSC) with a biofuels depot, an agricultural services firm (BRI) for agro-energy crops and a trading company (Agroking) to support its activities. BP has also established a strong partnership with local and national government bodies.

Energy generated from renewable sources will be among the major sources of power in the next decade. According to the Department of Energy, biomass, solar and wind shall account for more than a third of the country’s total energy demand. Biomass will continue to take the lion’s share of about 99%. The data from the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), lists that the country could generate substantial volumes of residue that can be utilized as energy fuel. At San Carlos Biopower, we believe in producing clean energy for the sustainable development and inclusive growth of our shared communities and environment.